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Prior Art Anticipates Claims because “A” means “One or More”

The Central District of California held that claims directed to “‘an induction actuated container which is capable of automatically opening when a user is approaching, and automatically closing when the user has left’” are invalid because they are anticipated by prior art. Nine Stars Group (U.S.A.), Inc. v. Factory Direct Wholesale, LLC, No. 18-6471 PSG (PJWx) (C.D.Cal. Apr. 6, 2020) (patents-in-suit are U.S. Patent Nos. 7,911,169 and 8,129,930). A representative claim from the ‘169 patent is reproduced here: 1. An induction actuated container cover for a container body having a storage cavity and a container opening at an upper portion of said container body, wherein said induction actuated container cover comprises:  a control housing, having a cover opening, adapted for mounting at said container body at said container opening thereof to communicate said cover opening with said receiving cavity of said container body; a cover panel pivotally mounted to said…

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