Detroit Patent Office to Cover Software

Detroit is excited about the branch office of the United States Patent and Trademark Office opening downtown in July.  And with good reason.  Moreover, based on the USPTO's recent job posting for people with computer backgrounds to serve as administrative law judges in Detroit, it appears that the Detroit Patent Office will go beyond the traditional mechanical and electrical disciplines usually associated with the auto industry.  True, that is where the USPTO is focused in hiring patent examiners for the new Detroit office, but Michigan has high tech companies of every stripe, pursuing all sorts of technological innovations.  And the auto industry itself is producing some amazing software innovations.  It is encouraging to see the USPTO's actions reflect these facts.

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Practical Considerations of IPR Estoppel
June 22, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT
In the webinar, Bryan Hart will discuss estoppel stemming from inter partes review petitions. After an IPR, what invalidity arguments can the petitioner still use at trial? Bryan will analyze the Federal Circuit decision Shaw Industries Group, Inc.…Register