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Internet Patent Claims Invalidated by Texas Jury

In a case that has been widely publicized, a Texas jury has invalidated claims of two patents that cover much of today’s World Wide Web.  I won’t duplicate the detailed treatment that others have already provided, but this case deserves attention for a lot of reasons. What are they?  Well, to start, Texas judges and juries have a reputation of being friendly to patent owners, including so-called “non-practicing entities” such as Eolas.  Not so much this time.  Moreover, the patent claims at issue, which essentially cover displaying and interacting with images in a browser, truly are quite broad.  Eolas hasn’t been afraid to litigate, and a lot of companies you’ve heard of had paid Eolas a lot of money to license their patents.  The huge verdict in Eolas’ favor from an Illinois court, and Eolas’ subsequent settlement with Microsoft, even after the verdict was (sort of) overturned on appeal, made…

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