Contemporary Evidence Beats Google Obviousness Challenge

The Federal Circuit recently upheld two patents against an obviousness challenge by Google. (Google v. At Home Bondholders Liquidating Trust (Fed. Cir. 2018).) This case demonstrates the importance of contemporary evidence to supp… Read More

Does the Alice Patent-Eligibility Test Require a Jury Trial?

A split Federal Circuit panel has affirmed a district court’s holding that patent claims directed to a “temporal artery temperature detector” are patent-eligible under 35 USC § 101 and the Mayo/Alice test.  Exergen Corp. v… Read More

Can Internet Advertising Claims Ever Be Patent-Eligible?

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When Is Benefit from a System Patent Claim Infringing Use?

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PTAB Claim Construction Results in Insufficient Evidence to Support Institution

In its Decision to grant institution of inter partes review in Apple Inc. v. Valencell, Inc. (IPR2017-01947, Decision dated Feb. 26, 2018), the PTAB construed the term “adjacent” to have a different meaning than that proposed… Read More