Limiting Patent Expert Testimony

A patent expert lacked a basis for opining where the expert had drawn conclusions about activities of the accused infringer’s customers without inspecting any documents or other evidence concerning what the customers actuall… Read More

Image Processing Claims Held Patent-Eligible

Patent claims directed to “technology for modifying video signals” are patent-eligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101, according to a Central District of California court. Oplus Techs. v. Sears Holding Corp., No. 12-cv-5707-MRP (C.D.… Read More

Yet Further Clarification on Indirect Divided and Joint Infringement

Under the doctrine of divided infringement, patent claims directed to a slot machine were properly found not to be directly infringed. Aristocrat Tech., Australia v. Int’l. Game Tech., No. 2010-1426 (Fed. Cir. March 13, 2013… Read More

Patent Defendant Allowed Discovery of Non-Accused Products

What is the permissible scope of discovery related to a defendants’ non-accused products in a patent case? In Positive Techs., Inc. v. Sony Elecs., Inc., No.: 11-cv-2226 SI (KAW) (N.D. Cal. Feb 26, 2013), the defendants were… Read More

Further Clarification on Indirect Divided and Joint Infringement

Holding that a district court improperly applied the doctrine of joint patent infringement with respect to indirect infringement, while agreeing with the lower court’s reasoning concerning direct infringement, the Federal Ci… Read More