Software Licenses and Allocating Risk of Data Loss

The Utah Supreme Court has held that a software vendor is not liable for any damages after its software caused a dentist to lose all of his patient data.  In Blaisdell v. Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc., No. 20100392 (Utah S. Ct. Ju… Read More

PTO Updates Mayo v. Prometheus Examining Guidelines

“Preliminary guidance” has been replaced by “interim guidance.”  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has released its 2012 Interim Procedure for Subject Matter Patentability Analysis of Process C… Read More

Fed. Cir. Impact on Patent Pleading Requirements Continues

Following the recent Federal Circuit decision in In re Bill of Lading Transmission and Processing System Patent Litigation, at least one district court has already demonstrated that patent plaintiffs will most definitely have an e… Read More

Indefiniteness of Software Patent Claims; Certificates of Correction

Whether means-plus-function claims were indefinite, and the effect of a certificate of correction on correcting a patent’s priority date, were two of the interesting issues discussed by the court in Carotek, Inc. v. Event Ca… Read More