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Federal Circuit Affirms Eligibility of RFID Transponder Claims But Reverses Summary Judgment on Validity Based on RFID FOR DUMMIES  

In its December 16, 2022, precedential decision in ADASA, Inc. v. Avery Dennison Corp., the Federal Circuit addressed a range of issues, remanding the matter for resolution of facts relating to validity and for redeterm… Read More

Federal Circuit Vacates PTAB Opinion in Google Application

Google recently convinced a Federal Circuit panel to vacate a decision by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board that had found Google’s application obvious. The court decided that the Boardfailed to support the decision wi… Read More

Patent Office Introduces Deferred Responses for Subject Matter Eligibility Rejections

The Patent Office recently introduced a new pilot program called the Deferred Subject Matter Eligibility Response pilot program going into effect on February 1. As detailed in a Federal Register notice, the program permi… Read More

Federal Circuit Affirms Summary Judgement Relating to Self-Optimizing Network Technology and Network-Based Navigation: Traxcell Techs., LLC v. Sprint Communs. Co. LP

In Traxcell Techs., LLC v. Sprint Communs. Co. LP, Nos. 2020-1852, 2020-1854 (Fed. Cir. Oct. 12, 2021), the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court that granted summary judgement in favor Defendants, Sprint and Verizon… Read More

How Do You Draft a Consent Decree for Trademark Infringement to Account for Unknown Unknowns? The Sixth Circuit Says “The Usual Way” in Recent Ruling

In 1995, Amazon recently sold its first book and eBay was just getting off the ground.  At that point, the idea of e-commerce marketplaces was in its infancy.  It was unlikely that Jeff Bezos contemplated that I might… Read More